Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a slave day 1

  I'm a slave, and I might try to escape. I hope Lord our Majesty France doesn't see this! My friends are sold to slave dealers and they're taking them to Louisiana where the slave market is flourishing. I saw them handcuffed together with other slaves into a chain gang and were driven to the train depot like cattle! Hundreds of other slaves, including me, watched helplessly as our family and friends were taken away for profit. I looked at the road and saw other slaves were crying, praying, and screaming with helplessness.I watched, sobbing while they were loaded on. It seemed like they were being sent to there deaths. I wished that they could stay more than anything. I wish things were different. Living here is like getting stuck in a 50 yard high tree and there is a grizzly at the bottom waiting for you to come down. 


I ESCAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!! I am long gone! Kiss that place goodbye! I’m going to Louisiana to help my family and friends escape! Whooooohoooooooooo!!!!   

I'm a slave day 7

Hello, this is the ghost of Kenna Tripple.  I escaped, but then I kept going and I died from being weak. I wish I could've saved my family before I died, but the heat,hunger,and thirst can kill you. I know I had it rough before when my family was taken away from me, but death? I really hope my family is OK. I don't want them to know I died for a while because they would cry and cry all day long and they could get whipped because they didn't work. I don't want them to worry about me either. I hated being a slave more than ever because my family was taken away from me and I had to work on the plantation all day and I didn't get paid a cent! I also had to sleep in a small hut with 12 other people! It was such a small space with so many people! I'm glad I'm away from there, I hope I don't go to the plantation in the sky!:( I hope everyone else can escape too!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kenna in the Southeast!!

 Hi everyone!! So, today we are all in the Southwest. I think I will probably like to go to some of the coal mines or oil mines. I wonder what it would be like being a miner? How did the families get affected by how the miners lives were? I also want to go to the Appalachian mountains and see them in person, face to mountain. I also want to go to the Everglades at the bottom of Florida. I also really want to go to Key West, or some of the other barrier islands. I know that the three main crops are peanuts, cotton, and oranges. More later!

Kenna in the Southwest #2!!

 Hi everyone! I went to the Grand Canyon, the Colorado river, Bricktown, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and The Alamo.  The Grand Canyon has 5,000,000 visitors each year!! It was not officially a national park until February 26,1919, which is my brothers' birthday!! They're a lot of California Condors that live there, and in case you're wondering, those are HUGE birds with a wingspan of  5 feet! The Colorado River has 242,000 square miles of land!! The depth can range from 6 feet to 90 feet! In Bricktown, the railroad was the engine that 'provided the lifeblood of early economic development'. The most important money crop was by far cotton. In the Canyon de Chelly, they're sheer sandstone walls that are 1,000 feet tall! They're many well preserved Anasazi ruins. In the Alamo, construction for it began on the present site in 1724. It was originally named 'Mission San Antonio de Valero. Well, that's all for now!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kenna in the Southwest

 Hey everyone! I'm going to the Southwest! My backround knowledge is that there is the Grand Canyon, the Native Americans were kicked out of their land, and the Rio Grande. I'm VERY excited that were all going to the Southwest!!!! I want to go to the Grand Canyon sooooooooo bad, even though I've been there before in real life! I also want to go to Oklahoma because my cousins live there and I'm going there in a few weeks!!!! I can't wait to keep moving on this road trip! I'm getting  so much information and great experience! I hope everyone has a great time on their road trips too!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kenna in the West #2

 Hey people!! It's me again and I've got some things to say! I'm going to The Gold Rush in California, Las Angeles, Alcatraz Island, the Pacific Ocean, and others. I chose these places because I've read two books on Alcatraz, you might recognize the titles."Al Capone Does My Shirts" and "Al Capone Shines My Shoes". I'm going to the Pacific Ocean because it's my favorite ocean because it's so big. I'm going to the Gold Rush because I think it's really cool that there actually was gold in California! I would recommend Yellowstone State Park,Alcatraz Island, The Gold Rush, and the Pacific Ocean. I for sure would go back and I can't wait to go to many other places!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenna in the West

Hey this is Kenna once again! Here's my latest journal!!   I want to learn even MORE about The Gold Rush!! I'm going to California with Katie Salay! We are going to have so much fun on this trip! I already know that California became a state because of The Gold Rush! Then after The Gold Rush, there were more gold and silver rushes.  Were there Native Americans in The Gold Rush?? When exactly did The Gold Rush end? I want to go to on the places where the Gold Rush was. I also want to go to Yellowstone State Park, and this summer I'm actually going!! I really like going to different places on this road trip!! Who has the same feelings?? Are there any mountains in the West?? Bye!