Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kenna in the West

Hey this is Kenna once again! Here's my latest journal!!   I want to learn even MORE about The Gold Rush!! I'm going to California with Katie Salay! We are going to have so much fun on this trip! I already know that California became a state because of The Gold Rush! Then after The Gold Rush, there were more gold and silver rushes.  Were there Native Americans in The Gold Rush?? When exactly did The Gold Rush end? I want to go to on the places where the Gold Rush was. I also want to go to Yellowstone State Park, and this summer I'm actually going!! I really like going to different places on this road trip!! Who has the same feelings?? Are there any mountains in the West?? Bye!


  1. Hey if you're looking to challenge yourself, it might be a challenge to go to the site of another less-famous gold and/or silver rush. Have fun, and be safe in that 'stang! No speeding, or your mother will get mad at me for giving you a car!