Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm a slave day 7

Hello, this is the ghost of Kenna Tripple.  I escaped, but then I kept going and I died from being weak. I wish I could've saved my family before I died, but the heat,hunger,and thirst can kill you. I know I had it rough before when my family was taken away from me, but death? I really hope my family is OK. I don't want them to know I died for a while because they would cry and cry all day long and they could get whipped because they didn't work. I don't want them to worry about me either. I hated being a slave more than ever because my family was taken away from me and I had to work on the plantation all day and I didn't get paid a cent! I also had to sleep in a small hut with 12 other people! It was such a small space with so many people! I'm glad I'm away from there, I hope I don't go to the plantation in the sky!:( I hope everyone else can escape too!

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