Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kenna's first entry

Hey! I already know that the Midwest is mostly plains and farms. I also know that it's very grassy and there are rivers and lakes all around. I know that there is a lot of rich soil that's good for farming. I'm so excited to do this project! Who else does? I want to find out if there is volcanoes around the Midwest. I also want to know if any old folktales were made up in the Midwest. I think that when we go to the Southeast we should all go to the Grand Canyon! I've been there before and it is so amazing! I'm going to Yellowstone and I really want to find out more about Yellowstone! I'm really joyous were going on a road trip because I'm a HUGE Packer fan!!



  1. I"m excited too!
    You are so smart!I want to know if folktales were made in the Midwest too!
    Good Job

  2. I'm so excited for the trip also, and I wonder what you are wondering too. Loving your ideas and work!


  3. girl your blog rocks the house!
    Its not boring or anything it's off the hook!
    I love some of your jokes that where here and there!
    That was my first blog I've done and its my favorite!
    girl you are making me so exited!
    I'm going to go post more comments
    love ya,

  4. You have a lot of good ideas of places you want to go.

  5. hi kenna I really liked your midwest journal I read katie's comment and your journal is not boring alinne:)

  6. Your journal rocks! it is awesome I want ot visit yellowstone too!- Danbie

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